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Lymm Candle Company
Our story so far

Welcome to the reimagined Lymm Apothecary & Candle Company

It all stated back in 2011.  A family member had given us a Jo Malone candle for Christmas.  A lovely Wild Fig and Casiss candle.  As it was nearing the end, despite the fact it hadn’t particularly burned too well (it hadn’t melted completely to the sides of the jar and the glass looked black due to soot build up), we thought about buying another as the fragrance was so nice.

We were horrified to find out that (at the time) Jo Malone candles cost £38! This got us thinking about how difficult could it possibly be to make a candle – and so, the journey began…

By the way, in 2021 the very same Jo Malone candle now costs £49!

It took several months of considerable expense, research, testing – and even more testing before we were ready to launch.  One thing we realised quite quickly was that candle making is not easy.  It is an art which requires a good deal of practice and time to perfect!

From the outset, we wanted to use the most natural and where possible, organic ingredients to make our products.  The only true organic wax is beeswax – but as it isn’t vegan friendly – we decided to use a non-organic but totally natural bio-degradable soy wax.  Though more expensive than mineral (paraffin) wax, soy is more so much better for you and the environment.  It produces clean burning candles that are virtually soot free, ideal for a high quality artisan product.

We were finally ready to launch as “Sniff Aromatics” in time for the Warrington Christmas Market in November 2012.


Our two-week stint at Warrington Christmas Market was a success and encouraged us to take the business to the next stage.  In March 2013, Sniff was re-branded to Lymm Candle Company and we moved from making candles in small apothecary jars, to using larger whisky-style glasses for a more luxury look.  Of course, this meant that our price point had to change, but by this time we had a loyal following and customers had confidence in our products.

As time progressed, we became more successful and re-invested our profits to help establish Lymm Candle Company as a premium brand.  Our slogan was “Luxury you can afford every day”.

Lymm Apothecary

Launching the Lymm Apothecary in 2016 was a natural progression for us.  Our intention was to create a range of luxurious, organic bath and body products at an affordable price point.  Our first range of hand and body washes were launched at Chester Christmas Market in the same year and were extremely well received.

However, we quickly realised that making cosmetic products had many challenges – and the short shelf life of certain ingredients meant that there was a lot of wastage.

In addition, developing cosmetic products comes at considerable cost.  It takes time to perfect a recipe which is effective and safe.  And then, before any product can go to market it has to undergo several stages of professional testing before a cosmetic scientist will produce a CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report).  Once the CPSR is issued, the product then has to be registered on the official UK Cosmetic Product Notification Database.   Depending on the ingredients used, a single product can cost in excess of £500 to be officially signed-off and registered.

We also discovered that just because an ingredient is “organic” it doesn’t make it any more natural or effective than it’s non organic counterpart.  Organic ingredients are considerably more expensive to source – and this meant that our finished products had a higher price point that we ideally would have liked.

As pressures of our main job producing radio and TV commercials took priority, we decided to rest the Apothecary concept for a while.  We were passionate about developing The Apothecary as a brand, but it needed a re-think and the time and energy to make it more viable and cost-effective.

The Covid 19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about many challenges.  Very quickly in 2020, the UK supply chain for candle materials dried up.  Everything from glassware to wax was hard or impossible to source.  Add Brexit to the mix and it created a pefect storm which is still ongoing.  There’s still cronic shortages of certain materials at the time of writing this in March 2021.

Unfortunately, for small artisan producers like ourselves, lack of product availability meant the business pretty much had to go on hold throughout 2020.

However, this gave us time to re-think and redevelop our business and the products we offer – and we’ve been incredibly busy behind the scenes! The Apothecary has now been re-imagined with a wonderful and exciting range of bath and body products.  We’re patriculalry proud of our new hand and body wash range!  We spent 7 months alone designing our own natural soap base.  Our base is sulphate free and is enriched with extracts of Olive and Fig, giving it a luxurious texture.  It’s exremely gentle and kind, even for hyper-sensitive skin.  One try and we think you may never go back to using a conventional body wash again!

Our lovely product range has been carefully developed over the last 12 months – and as part of the development, we made the decision to fomulate our products with natural, but not necessarily organic ingredients.  Of course, we will still use an organic ingredient if there is a clear benefit to do so.  By taking this important decision, it means that we are able to offer an expanded range of products – and at a more competitive price point.

Although the Apothecary range was designed and refined in our home kitchen in Lymm, the products you buy today are now manufactured for us, to our exact specifications, by a professional cosmetic laboratory in Surrey.  This ensures that our products use the freshest ingredients, are consistent from batch to batch and are of the highest quality!

Meanwhile, the Lymm Candle Company has also had a re-think.  Our luxury candles and diffusers have a new, on-trend grey theme.  And apart from the glassware, which comes from France, all our ingredients are manufactured right here in the UK.  We have an exciting new relationship with a major fragrance house – and together, have developed a bespoke range of fragrances, inspired by designer brands.  The premium fragrances we use are manufactured to our exact recipe code and are unique to us.  Quite simply, these are our best candles ever.

As we approach our 10th year, we are now proud to re-launch the Lymm Apothecary & Candle Company.  And at last, we have a shopfront in Lymm Village!

Thank you so much for your continued support

Paul & Ian